Our Story

Bonjour Chicsy!

Chicsy-Hair-Extensions-Clip-In-Halo-Dark-Brown-Hair-4Why Chicsy?  Chicsy is pronounced “sheeksy”.  We chose Chic as our prefix, as we have been inspired by the French slang “Chic”, which means effortlessly stylish, fashionable, elegant, glamorous, smart and sophisticated, which every woman should believe she is.  

Chicsy Hair is your go-to resource for everything hair related and help you look chic and fabulous. We offer Halo Clip-In Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Custom Made Hair Extensions, helpful hair tutorials and different hairstyles that are chic, luxurious, elegant and simply perfect for any occasion such as weddings, parties and cocktail parties.  These hairstyles are also appropriate for casual streetwear, everyday style, travel and work to suit your style and incorporate with your Chicsy Hair Extensions.

Chicsy Hair was created by 3 women who love beauty and hair because we know that every girl or woman wants to look chic, fabulous and glamorous. Women (including us at Chicsy) love having chic and beautiful hairstyle and styling different hairstyles for any occasion but unfortunately, most women can’t achieve the look and hairstyle they desire due to their natural short hair length and the lack of hair thickness.  As a result, women often dream of having long, luxurious, thick and voluminous hair that they can easily style the way they like.  Women also often resort to finding an instant solution to having longer and thicker hair extensions but unfortunately, some if not many do end up getting frustrated because there aren’t many hair extensions that offer the best quality, with less shedding, shiny, thick and voluminous human hair extensions.

Therefore, Chicsy Hair fills in the gap and offers 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions to fulfill the demand of luscious and thicker hair in order to meet every women’s needs and satisfaction.  Chicsy Hair also offers long and voluminous hair extensions in order to achieve the quickest solution to having an instant chic, luxurious and volumizing extra hair length and thickness that every woman deserves to have.

Our Chicsy Hair Clip-in Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Human Hair.  They are double drawn, thick from top to the bottom, chic, beautiful, luxurious, long, shiny and voluminous.  

Chicsy Hair Extensions are of great quality with affordable prices, discounts and free shipping worldwide which cost a fraction of what you can find in similar companies that have similar sets.