Best Clip In Hair Extensions: Luxurious, Shiny, Soft, Long, & Thick

Finding the Best Clip In Hair Extensions to buy and wear on the market is not always easy, as there are so many options to choose from.  Chicsy Hair has a variety of hair extensions to choose, ranging from full head Clip In Hair Extensions, Halo Hair Extensions, Tape In Hair Extensions and even Custom Made Hair Extensions to choose your needs and style.  We also have a variety of colors and hair types to choose from at affordable prices.  These are suitable for any hair types and recommended hair extensions for short hair, hair extensions for thin hair offering full head clip ins.

#6 Chestnut Brown

Clip In Hair Extensions

#6 Chestnut Brown

Clip In Hair Extensions

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Clip In Hair Extensions

Not content with your hair? Do you wish that your hair was a bit longer and thicker? Fortunately for us, short hairs are not permanent, however, they don’t grow instantly and it can still take a while before they reach the length and thickness that we desire. But good thing human hair extensions are round to help you achieve that longer and fuller look that you can easily pull off for those special occasions.

But human hair extensions may not always be a good solution especially if you don’t know how to handle it. They can certainly make you look feel powerful, beautiful, and stunning but they can also make you look horrible if applied or used the wrong way.  So before you decide on pulling out your wallet and carelessly shop away with some real hair extensions, it’s best that you equip yourself first with helpful information about them. There are various types of real hair extensions and finding one that best suits your type of hair can be pretty challenging.

About Clip In Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are either real or synthetic which are attached to the person’s hair for increased volume and length. There can be different types of hair extensions depending on the method used for attachment and the main material for its composition – between real and synthetic.  Although synthetic hair extensions are considerably cheaper, a lot of women still prefer real hair extensions since they appear to be more realistic than their synthetic counterparts. Furthermore, most women choose the real alternative over synthetic cheap hair extensions since maintaining them is just the same as taking care of your own hair.

Permanent vs Clip In Hair Extensions

If it’s your first time trying hair extensions on, you’ll most likely face a dilemma of choosing between permanent and clip in hair extensions.

Permanent hair extensions are much more expensive compared to clip ins. They can cost you well over $1,000 if you get it done in a Professional Salon. Their attachment process is much more complex requiring the expertise of a salon hair specialist. Basically, there are two types of techniques or processed used in attaching permanent hair extensions – weaving and fusion. The weaving process is done with the use of pre-wefted hair extensions and by braiding the original natural hair of the person into a pattern that is based on which particular the extensions are planned to be attached. Hair extensions are then sewn into the netted cap and the braided hair. In the fusion technique, hair extensions are systematically bonded with individual’s natural hair strands. Keratin tips are bonded with the natural hair strands through a specialized heating process. Although fusion bonded permanent hair extensions are said to deliver lasting results, they still need to be detached and reinstalled at least once every 2 to 3 months.

Clip-Ins, on the other hand, are significantly cheaper compared to their permanent counterparts. These cheap hair extensions usually cost around $10 to $12 a strand. And for a full head coverage, you’ll only be needing around $350 to $500 to get the job done. Clip-In Hair Extensions are also so much easier to install. In fact, they are designed so that you can easily and effortlessly install them on your own. If it is your first time to try one on, it is best to have a friend or someone assist you in the entire process for better results.  But you most likely won’t even need anyone to help you out to blend the Clip Ins in your own hair as they are really easy to apply, and it literally takes only 5 minutes to apply and blend.  Clip-In Extensions are much more popular among a lot of women simply because they’re so much easier to install and detach and maintaining them is a breeze. More importantly, the clip-ins are as effective as their permanent counterparts.

Types of Best Hair Extensions To Choose from Chicsy Hair

Halo Hair Extensions

Chicsy Clip In Halo Hair Extensions is one of the popular human hair extensions in our range aside from the regular Clip In Extensions.  This type of hair extensions is probably the easiest and fastest to apply to your own natural hair.  Basically, you can find all types of Halo Hair Extensions either with a wire or silicone clips that will hold and secure on to your natural hair without causing any permanent damage.

What Are Remy Hair Extensions?

Remy Hair Extensions are the most popular selected grade of hair extensions.  Perhaps every buyer’s fear to be branded ignorant of the product/s they are planning to buy. Furthermore, knowing less about the product will only make the buyer vulnerable to low-quality deals and less satisfying transactions. Perhaps one of the most common terms used by avid buyers and hair extension retailers is “Remy”. But what is Remy in the first place? Remy is not a brand of hair extension nor that it is the name of a popular hair salon. Remy is a name used to classify a high-grade hair extension. Remy hair extensions which are also dubbed as cuticle hair extensions are a group of hair strands that are cut or taken from one particular donor in the same direction. It offers the highest quality possible for each strand is cleverly handpicked delivering the most admirable look and healthiest appearance. With proper care and maintenance, Remy hair extensions are guaranteed to deliver lasting and satisfying results.

Important facts you need to know about human hair extensions

The hair is said to be every woman’s crowning glory. It is indeed, which is why women tend to be endlessly hungry when it comes to finding and developing techniques to upscale their styles and solve their problems from up there. Hair extensions are by far the fastest way to solve thin and short hair problems. So here are some important facts that will surely help you get the best type of hair extensions that will best suit your personal preferences:

Judging by the term “hair extensions” some may think that its only purpose is to increase one’s hair length. But no, hair extensions can do more than just lengthening your hair. They are also used to effectively beef up the volume of one’s hair for a fuller and more gorgeous and luxurious look.

Although they are designed to address one particular problem of your hair which is to extend its length, there are still some limitations with regards to its application. If you happen to have a natural hair length of fewer than 3 inches, bear in mind that using longer hair extensions may not be appropriate as they will only diminish your hair’s overall realistic look.

You can do almost anything you want with them. Both permanent and clip in extensions are very versatile. You can do any style with them as you can do with your natural original hair. Depending on the type of your chosen hair extension, you can weave, glue, fuse, braid, and clip them.

You can choose different types of shades and highlights for your hair extensions. From brown hair extensions to blonde hair extensions, choosing a color can be limitless. However, this doesn’t apply to all hair extensions out there. Some real hair extensions have already undergone a pre-coloring process which means that your freedom of choice of customizing your purchased hair extension can be limited for the sake of preserving its healthy vigor and overall quality.

For the case of semi-permanent to permanent hair extensions, they need to be detached and reinstalled every after two months. This is simply due to the fact that natural hair tends to shed every now and then so the bond or connection between your original hair and its extensions weaken over time. To reestablish firm bond, your extensions need to be adjusted after two to three months.

Your hair is considered as the most fragile part of your body. Although most if not all hair extension shops claim that their products make zero damage to your natural hair, bear in mind that anything that attaches with it has the high potential of inflicting damage not just on a strand level but to your scalp as well. In order to avoid this, have your first try of hair extensions initiated by a professional hair specialist and educate yourself with the right knowledge on how to take good care of them.

Synthetic cheap hair extensions may be less expensive but they obviously appear less realistic compared to their natural counterparts. Furthermore, styling options with synthetic hair extensions are limited and they need to be protected from extreme heat in order to avoid unintentionally damaging them.

The bond between your hair extensions to your natural hair is not as firm and strong as your original hair’s bond with your scalp. So it is important to be extra careful when it comes to maintaining them. Gentle brushing is required and wash them only when it is most needed. Comb them slowly whenever you have time in order to avoid any level of entanglement.

Clip in hair extensions can provide the benefit of easy attachment and detachment process which one can effortlessly do on her own without damaging your natural hair and scalp. Clip In Extensions, however, can also be used on a daily basis, for special events and occasions.

Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions are considered as the masterpieces of their kind. They are made of pure and healthy Remy hair and offers limitless options in style, length, and color. Ombre hair extensions are the product of cleverly combining necessity and luxury, delivering high-class refined look for your basic hair improvement needs. Ombre hair extensions can be a bit pricey but its quality speaks for itself.

Where To Get Clip In Hair Extensions?

Chicsy Hair Extensions offer a variety of Clip Ins, Halo Hair Extensions, and Custom Made Hair Extensions in different colors, length, grams (weight) and prices.  We offer amazing discounted and affordable deals to suit your budget.  We also offer free shipping worldwide.  Find out here to browse through a lengthy list of hair extension options.

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