Hair Extensions: Luxurious, Shiny, Smooth, Long & Thick

You may be surprised if we tell you right now that almost everyone if not all are already using hair extensions. You haven’t known it simply because hair extensions have evolved dramatically that when worn, they don’t really get noticed at all.  If you try one now, you may find it hard for yourself to distinguish your natural hair from your hair extensions.

Before, hair extensions may not have been as popular as they are now. One true reason is that women before were too shy or ashamed to admit that they’re using one. But not today. In fact, famous Hollywood celebrities have been openly bragging their new found love taking pride in their seemingly magically renewed looks. Furthermore, there is also a consistently increasing number of salons that are already offering hair extension services. So why shy away with your need to add more fab to your hair?

But before you bravely charge into a beauty shop and purchase your choice of hair extension with pride, it is best to get to know more about these magic hair growers first.

Chicsy Hair Extensions


Chicsy Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions And Use

Human Clip In Hair Extensions

For women who are not so satisfied with the current length and volume of their hair, full head clip-in real hair extensions are probably the best and fastest solution. Human Clip In Hair extensions can be in the form of temporary (removable) and semi-permanent depending on the preferences and intended use of the person. Temporary extensions are clip ins which are known as the easiest kind in terms of installing and detaching them from your original natural hair. They are also considered to be less expensive, very easy to apply and wear, glamorous, healthier option, and luxurious. Clip in real hair extensions are effective when it comes to adding volume and length to your hair because it’s super blendable and natural.  These can also be colored, cut, and styled using any types of hair products, and hair tools.

Human Remy Hair Extensions

These are extensions that are made purely of natural human hair. Remy hair extensions offer the finest quality as they have been meticulously handpicked strand after strand. Hair salon specialists prefer human or Remy extensions over their synthetic counterparts because of its offered benefits and advantages. First and foremost, human hair extensions offer a more natural overall look. They can also be colored and styled the same way as the person’s original hair would undergo. This simply means that using Remy extensions, your options for color and cut styles are limitless. Unlike the synthetic cheap hair extensions, it is not possible to blow dry, curl, or roll with Remy hair fibers.  Although they are more expensive, their quality and versatility outweigh the price.

Semi-Permanent Extensions

The semi-permanent extensions, on the other hand, are categorized into different kinds. These are the tape-in, sew-in weave, and the microbead or fusion micro extensions.  Compared to their clip-ins equivalents, semi-permanent extensions have a much more complicated attachment process. If you are planning to have your hair extended with a much stronger bond, be prepared to have a much deeper pocket. Semi-permanent extensions can cost up to over a thousand. Not only that, these more complex extensions need to be replaced at least every 2 to 3 months in order to make sure that the quality of the hair and its bond is at optimum. And these types of extensions can be quite damaging to your own hair and scalp.

Sew-In Weave

This method is the first of its kind. In this method, original natural hair of the person is woven across in areas where it is most needed. Woven hair serves as an anchorage for extensions that are to be sewed in on them. Netted caps are also used for additional anchorage so that your natural hair will not have to carry the weight of the extensions alone. Although this particular method is considerably cheaper compared to other methods of semi-permanent extensions, a sew-in weave is not an advisable technique for women with the weak and sensitive scalp. Also, bear in mind that you will also not be able to wash those areas of your hair for a couple of months. The entire process can take a lot of time and can cost you a couple of hundred dollars.

Micro Bead / Fusion Extensions

If you think the sew-in weave method is a very complicated method, wait until you try the microbead/fusion technique. This process is the most complicated and most time consuming among the group. This is simply because the extensions are attached strand after strand. With such a very complicated and visually challenging work, typical microbead and fusion hair extension services usually cost $1,000 to a couple of thousand dollars. However, this can also be unhealthy for your natural hair and scalp since it will be carrying a lot of weight for a couple of months. They can indeed last the longest but they are also the hardest to remove.

Tape-In Extensions

This particular method seems like the upscale of the clip in extensions. As mentioned above, clip in extensions are the simplest and the easiest to attach. Tape-in extensions on the other hand, although they sound a bit similar, are not as simple and easy to install as you think they’d be. Yes, the principle is to tape the extensions on your natural hair but they need to be initiated by a hair salon specialist. They also need to be cut or trimmed accordingly with your natural hair for a more realistic look. They take a significantly lesser time to be installed and only costs a few hundred dollars. To wrap it up, tape-in extensions are an improvement to both temporary and semi-permanent methods.

Synthetic or Remy Hair Extensions

When talking about the main material used that comprise these extensions, there are two basic types – synthetic and human hair or otherwise known as Remy extensions. Although synthetic hairs are considered as cheap extensions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re always the better choice. In fact, Remy or human hair extensions offer a lot more benefits and advantages than their mono or polyfilament fibers.

Synthetic extensions – Most synthetic extensions are made of Acrylic or polyester or both to come up with an artificial equivalent of real human hair. The making of the synthetic hair fibers is mainly to provide a less expensive alternative to Remy extensions which are considerably pricey. 

What Are Ombre Hair Extensions?

If you are looking for a trendy way to increase your hair’s overall look, Ombre hair extensions are the real deal.  Single shade extensions are nothing but things of the past. Multi-shade hair fibers are already taking the market by storm and Ombre extensions are the only best way to do it. In these extensions, shades are creatively and strategically placed in such a way that it blends perfectly with your natural hair color while effectively increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of your entire hair. Ombre hair extension online shops offer custom colored options for a more personalized look. 

Nowadays, ombre extensions are offered at 5 to 6 different shades. If you are looking for a brown hair extension, Ombre Remy Extensions can help you achieve a more refined look with a creative shade transition of brown to medium blonde. And if you are looking for even lighter shades, ombre extensions offer two beautiful options from warm blonde to golden blonde hair extensions for different seasons. What’s even better with this human hair is that they can be worn in straight, wavy, and curly styles.

Pros And Cons

Hair extensions are indeed the best solution there is for thin and short hairs. But before you proceed with the buying process, it is recommended to weigh in its benefits and downsides first in order to come up with a well thought of the decision.


Hair extensions for short, thin or thick hair can save you time. Waiting for your hair to grow naturally to your desired length and volume may take a lot of time. And this means missing all those opportunities where you would have been able to show off your hair on those special occasions have you had a practically quick solution. With the help of extensions, you can easily add more length and volume for your hair in less than an hour. Extensions also offer a lot of options that are designed to effectively cater different and unique preferences. Whether you want a blond curly hair or a straight golden brown shade, it’s easy to find a choice that can satisfy your needs.


Although those clip-ins are cheaper options, easy, and removable on the market, better quality and more versatile extensions require deeper pockets. Semi-permanent extensions can cost you around a couple of hundred dollars to over a thousand. What’s even worse is that you need to redo the same process after every 2 to 3 months at a salon. All natural hairs are already fragile as they are. But after installing extensions, you can expect them to be more fragile and vulnerable to stress and fatigue. As your permanent extensions are attached to your natural hair, the latter is burdened with the added weight which can be unhealthy to your scalp as well.

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